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Post by Aaron Menjivar on Mon Jun 18, 2018 11:44 am

"This no nigger zone, dog. I ain't lettin a nigger to step here, foo."

We roleplay/live in Ganton and are going to come across African American roleplayers everyday, be realistic. Just because we're Hispanic, and the Hispanic factions on LS:RP are known to be "extremely grimey", doesn't mean that we're trying to follow down that road. If your character is a racist, so be it, but that doesn't mean that you have to harm or touch every single African American that's seen in Ganton. There's alternative ways to show your hatred towards their race.

Your actions produce consequences; while there can be good results but there could also be bad results as well.

- The faction will get lit the hell up because of your rash decision making.
- That person will role-play proper fear and not come back at all, which is rare on LS:RP nowadays.
- You can be reported for DMing and shooting at someone for no reason

Little did people know, the "racial" tension is part of gang politics, where it's practically an order to harm blacks; usually an order given from the Mexican Mafia. If you aren't properly influenced to be racist by the local gang, or just by something that's happened to you, then you should have no reason to go around hating blacks.
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