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What we expect from you Empty What we expect from you

Post by Marero on Fri Dec 21, 2018 6:43 am

Coming into the faction and acting like you're a hardcore banger or a fearless, heartless individual will not get you anywhere in this faction.

What we expect from you upon joining the faction.

For starters, if you're role-playing you've lived in the area then more than likely characters will/should either know, if not, be familiar with your character.
We expect you to come in and role-play properly, no trolling of any kind during role-play sessions.
We expect you to not join the faction as a hardened banger or anything along those lines. We will not tell you how to role-play your character, but please, take it into consideration that development is key. Role-playing an extremely hardened banger from the get-go will get you nowhere in the long run and you will be tired of your character — you'll feel that he or she is dull.
We expect your screenshots to be top notch. If you don't have screenshot permission, then it's because we feel as if you're to improve. We won't leave you hanging, don't worry, we will help you.

Different ways of approaching the faction.

Your character has or had a family member involved with the MS-13 Street gang. If that's the case, then some of the gang members might know you.
Your character involves him or herself in the gang's house parties.
Your character purchases narcotics from the gang and/or gets high with the members.
Your character went to Gregory McCaine High School and is familiar with some of the faces around.
Your character is a (ex)girlfriend or (ex)boyfriend of one of the gang members.
Your character is out on the streets and sometimes have run-ins with some of the members of the gang.
Your character met a member of MS13 in Juvenile Hall.

Your choices aren't limited to those above, be creative. Develop a relationship with some of the members from the gang, slowly get involved through In Character methods. Role-play flaws, have fun. I have no doubts that if you were to role-play an actual character, you'd have an extremely fun time role-playing with the faction

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What we expect from you Empty Screenshots

Post by Marero on Fri Dec 21, 2018 6:44 am


Prior to posting any media on the thread, you will need permission from the faction leaders.

Send your examples to Dizaster, Joseph Blanco or El Vertido..

This can be obtained through contacting any leadership figure with an example of your screen shots. The faction holds a high standard when it comes to anything that represents us as a whole, therefore you are expected to put effort into what you're posting, or not bother at all.

So, what's acceptable?

If your screen shots are clean and neat, and showcase the faction in a good light; you're likely to be allowed to post. However, being that you're only required to obtain permission to post once, you are expected to uphold the standard in which you are posting at. Your permission to post can be removed if deemed necessary.

Your screen shots should contain solid role-play, that's in depth and realistic without grammatical errors.


Realism is necessary in anything role-play wise that's related to the faction, whether it's staying true to your own character with his/her development, or the atmosphere around the neighborhood, realism is to be number one on your list when role-playing with the faction. This ties in with not only your screen shots, but your role-play in general. Do not post screen shots of unrealistic feats or scenes, keep everything within realistic boundaries. If you struggle to gauge what is/isn't acceptable, ask a member of high council.

What's Unacceptable?

Death matching screen shots (screen shots with dead bodies without prior role-play up to the scene), troll screen shots, or useless screen shots with the purpose of introducing your character with a bunch of /me's will not be tolerated. In addition to that, please don't post solo role-play that has nothing to do with the faction. We don't want to see your character yelling at your NPC mom or eating a bowl of cereal with no other meaning to it.

If you need help learning how to edit screenshots, there are guides that will show you how to on the LS-RP forums:
Blindfold & Cut method. (Photoshop Users)
Blindfold & Cut method. (Paint Users)
Blindfold & Cut method. (GIMP Users)

Your GTA

If you have any of the following things below then you will not receive screen shot permission.

Shitty skins.
Mediocre role-play.

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What we expect from you Empty Role-playing

Post by Marero on Fri Dec 21, 2018 6:46 am

Creating role-play instead of sitting around doing anything.

Sitting around while in-game when you're supposed to be role-playing can be pretty boring. You'll probably lose motivation to role-play on your character and probably go inactive, which some people actually do. There's a bunch of things that you could role-play when you're in-game that has nothing to do with robbing two to three people in a row or just dealing drugs.

For those who claim that they don't know how to role-play a Hispanic but can role play an African American, here's some news for you; they're actually heavily influenced by African American culture in terms of slang. The choice of crimes between the two races aren't different, they're into the same nonsense.

What's wrong with some people is that they create characters without thinking about how they want he or she to start of as. They don't think of the small things that could make their characters incredible — I'm talking small things such as likes and dislikes, habits, addictions, etcetera. Role-playing flaws can make a big difference, so take that into consideration.

There may be times where your character has problems at home, so it effects how he or she acts outside or in school. The small things count, and like I said, can make a huge difference.

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What we expect from you Empty Re: What we expect from you

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